Cerebral Palsy Support

“I am Maria Dalmon. I was born with cerebral palsy. I am married. My husband, Lindsay and live in our own home. 

I have been a client of All About Caring since 2019. 

I need assistance in my day to day life. All About Caring provides me with services to assist me to live my life as I wish. 

I require personal care services each morning to assist me with breakfast and to shower and dress and in the evening to prepare and cook my evening meal. 

Also, I need domestic duties in my home and help to do my weekly shopping. 

I enjoy the support from my Support Workers each week during my social service to do many activities which I now find difficult to do on my own. 

My team of Support Workers are wonderful and very reliable. 

With the services I receive from All About Caring, I can remain living in my own home and relish life.”