24/7 8hr Shift Disability Support

I am very pleased with my support - especially the 24/7 care. I feel that it all runs smoothly with no complications and i am very pleased with how transparent the Program Manager and ProgramPlanner were with me. Very happy with my support from AAC.

Asbestosis & Diabetic Retinopathy Support

Thanks to AAC and his funder, this client has maintained their independence at home, even while dealing with challenging health conditions like asbestosis and diabetic retinopathy...

Cerebral Palsy Support

I was born with cerebral palsy. I need assistance in my day to day life. All About Caring provides me with services to assist me to live my life as I wish...

From someone who was not supposed to wake up, he’s done amazing!

And he wouldn’t have done it without All About Caring. AAC truly cares for Warren, from the package they delivered, it was clear it was all planned and ready.